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our cocktail list is ever-changing, best served with live music


Bliss Behind Your Eyes

a savory rich combination of local herbs and agave spirit
House Infused Sotol | Cinnamon Syrup | Grapefruit Bitters

Cactus Coke  

as spicy as it is rejuvenating
tequila and ginger mix to create an unforgettable highball
Reposado Tequila | Ginger Syrup | Fresh Lime | Moroccan Bitters

Italian Lace

rich peppery rye, herbs, and spiced local bitters; soothed by citrus oil and fresh lavender
Rye | Strega | Local Mole Bitters |Lavender Boat

Myrna Loy

light, fruity, and refreshing
golden age flavors for a golden age drink
Vodka | Passionfruit Juice | Cranberry
Syrup | Sparkling Wine



When making something artful, it’s easy to lose the light. But the deepest shades of umbers, Never fear the night
Raicilla | Sfumato | Dopo Teatro | Grapefruit Zest

Seaside Negroni

close your eyes, hear the waves, the breeze carries you away. a summer spin on the all-time cocktail classic
Navel Strength Gin | Red Bitter | Cardamaro | Salt Water Wash

Non Alcoholic

just because you can't imbibe doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good drink. let us mix up a potable concoction, just for you. 
Sweet or Savory | Citrus or Creamy | Let Us Know Your Favorite Flavors


Featured Classic:

The addition of orange, cherry, and baking spices makes for a cold weather riff on the classic Manhattan. 
Rye | Sweet Vermouth | Maraschino | Picon